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What Is a Drink Upcharge at McDonalds?

If you’ve ever ordered a meal at McDonald’s, you might have noticed a “drink upcharge” on your receipt. While the concept of an upcharge might seem straightforward, it can be confusing to understand why you’re paying extra for a drink. In this article, we’ll explain what a drink upcharge is at McDonald’s and why it exists.

What Is a Drink Upcharge at McDonalds?

What Is a Drink Upcharge?

A drink upcharge is an additional charge for ordering a larger size drink with your meal at McDonald’s. If you order a meal and choose a small size drink, you’ll pay the standard meal price. However, if you decide to upgrade to a larger size drink, you’ll be charged an extra fee, which is the upcharge.

The amount of the upcharge can vary depending on the size of the drink you choose. For example, upgrading from a small to a medium might cost $0.50, while upgrading to a large might cost $1.00 or more.

Why Does McDonald’s Have a Drink Upcharge?

There are a few reasons why McDonald’s has a drink upcharge. First and foremost, it’s a way for the company to generate additional revenue. By charging customers extra for a larger size drink, McDonald’s can increase its profits without significantly raising the price of the meal itself.

Another reason for the drink upcharge is to encourage customers to order a larger size drink. Drinks are a high-margin item for fast food restaurants, meaning they are relatively cheap to produce but can be sold for a significant profit. By offering a small upcharge for a larger size drink, McDonald’s can incentivize customers to choose a larger size, which results in a higher profit margin for the company.

Additionally, the upcharge can help McDonald’s control its costs. Soft drinks, in particular, are a significant expense for fast food restaurants. By charging extra for larger sizes, McDonald’s can limit the amount of product it needs to purchase and serve, which can reduce its expenses and improve its bottom line.

It’s worth noting that the drink upcharge is not unique to McDonald’s. Many fast food restaurants and other dining establishments have similar pricing structures. However, McDonald’s is particularly known for its upcharge, which can be confusing for customers who are used to a flat price for a meal.

How to Avoid a Drink Upcharge

If you’re trying to save money or simply don’t want to pay extra for a larger size drink, there are a few ways to avoid the upcharge at McDonald’s.

The first option is to order a value meal, which typically includes a small drink and a small fry. Since the meal is already priced as a package deal, you won’t be charged extra for the small drink.

Another option is to bring your own drink. Many McDonald’s locations have a self-serve beverage station where you can refill your cup with water or another beverage of your choice. While this isn’t a solution if you’re craving a Coke or other soft drink, it can save you a few dollars if you’re just looking for something to drink with your meal.

Finally, you can always opt to order a small size drink. While you won’t get the same amount of liquid as you would with a larger size, you’ll still be able to enjoy a refreshing beverage without paying extra.


In conclusion, a drink upcharge is an additional fee for ordering a larger size drink with your meal at McDonald’s. While it can be frustrating to pay extra for a beverage, the upcharge is a way for the company to generate additional revenue and control its costs. By understanding the reasoning behind the upcharge, you can make an informed decision about whether to upgrade to a larger size drink or stick with a small. Alternatively, you can order a value meal or bring your own beverage to save a few bucks.

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